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Nice is an amazing old town in France that offers so much for both locals and international tourists. Numerous places are breathtaking you can tour while you are in Nice. Talk of the beautiful seaside scenery, the calming and peaceful blue waters of the Baie des Anges and the amazing Maritime Alps that shelter the foothills. Nice Nightlife is another aspect that will get you excited due to the numerous clubs and bars that the town offers.

Ideally, Nice is among the popular holiday destination for families, lovers and groups of friends. Since Nice is the centre of the French Riviera, therefore it is an ideal place to start exploring the beautiful and serene coastline of Cote d’Azur.

Things to do and Places to Visit in Nice Nightlife

1. Wayne’s Bar

While in Nice, make the most out of your time by enjoying activities in this beautiful town. Get well acquainted with the French culture and history while enjoying a can of beer or bottle of whiskey by partying at Wayne’s Bar.

This bar was constructed in 1991 and it will give its occupants a nice classical touch of French clientele and London pub feel. It is the best place to go if you yearn for live music and performances at night. You will get a chance to interact with locals and other tourists of all ages.

Additionally, when the alcohol begins to kick, it is customary for locals and tourists to get on the tables and dance to the live music. At Wayne’s bar, you will have more than just drinking and making merry. You will get to watch major sporting events such as rugby, soccer and cricket on large TV screens.

2. Waka Bar, Drinks and Dancing with a Sea View

What better way to quench your thirst and have a magnificent view of the sea than to have your drinks at the Waka Bar. Additionally, you will be doing more than just drinking as the music will sway you away and move to the rhythmic sounds of the waves.

Waka bar is a relaxation spot with local DJs playing EDM and House music. It offers a variety of both locals and tourists partying and lounging inside. Thus it is hard to feel out of place. If at any point it gets too hot, you are lucky because the sea is just a stone throw away across the Promenade.

3. Le Boston Bar

At the port of Nice, you will find the beautiful and classy Boston Bar. The place is known for offering the best cocktails all year long. The bar has accommodating staff and the best thing about it is that it is always open throughout the year. You will enjoy a cold lemonade or cocktail while sitting at the patio overlooking the harbor. What makes it even more interesting is that the DJs provide soothing music with retro beats every night.

4. Glam Club

This life just got better at Glam club as it is accommodative for all members of the LGBTQ community. It offers the perfect party space, combining both LGBTQ and straight clientele. The bar has elegant décor, antique furniture, thus making it a popular destination in Nice nightlife. It offers drinking and partying sprees and fashion shows and karaoke. Its organisation is so diverse, thus making it the best place to have fun.

It can be so addicting due to the numerous fun activities that both locals and tourists can engage in. The bars and clubs will offer more than just drinks and music. There are gay clubs, bars that offer sea views, old town pubs, and lively bars day and night.

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